Has Copying Celine Bags Become The New “Thing”



It’s time to address the elephant in the room— Why are all of these designers copying the Celine Luggage Tote?

I was 20 years old when I first laid my eyes upon the beauty that is the Celine luggage tote. At the time I was in the middle of my internship with Harper’s Bazaar and was really just being introduced to fashion brands. I had reached the point where I was able to look at a piece of clothing or an accessory and immediately name the brand.

What I liked so much about the luggage tote was that it had its own distinct look and style. I had never seen any handbag like it my life. It was fresh and new with a futuristic design. It was the bag designed for me, but of course I couldn’t afford it. A few months later, I was randomly searching style.com just for inspiration and tear sheets, etc. And there it was! Just as sleek as ever, the most perfect bag on the planet designed just for me. Only it wasn’t the Celine!

PhilipLimTarget_MiniSatchel35Phillip Lim for Target Bag (above)


Michael Kors FW13 Bag (above)

If you are like me, and are infatuated with the design of Celine bags but do not have the funds to afford an authentic, you can be assured that you will find one in a store near you. As always, there are plenty off-brand replicas of the Celine bag floating around on the Internet and in several boutique stores. But it goes far beyond that. Since the release of the luggage tote in 2010, many well-known fashion designers have tried to reinvent the style of the Celine luggage tote that is oh-so-unique, and slap their name on the inside of it. Or what’s worse, they make an exact replication of the bag! It’s like where is the innovation in fashion accessories? First everyone was copying Chanel (many designers still are), and now it’s Celine. SMH!


Even super successful fashion designers such as Michael Kors and Zac Posen (both known for their own original handprint in fashion) have taken the Celine bag design and “made it their own”.

IMG_7828.JPGSpotted at Laila Rowe

IMG_7809.JPGAt TJ Maxx

I find myself saying, “That looks like Celine,” way too often while shopping.

Surely we all know that fashion is a revolving door and designers take inspiration from each other, however, I can’t help but notice a pattern.

Is this perhaps the newest trend in handbags? What do you think?

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